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This is a unique textbook in the discipline of Public Health / Community Medicine, with Dr. Rajvir Bhalwar as the Chief Editor and lead author, published by Wolters Kluwer. The authors include a total of 15 very well qualified and experienced teachers in this discipline. The present third edition came out in 2019. The entire discipline is covered comprehensively in 122 chapters, maintaining simplicity and ease of understanding at the same time. Adequate number of MCQs have been also given at the end of each chapter. This third edition aims to fulfil the need of the medical students for a concise textbook of community medicine, which makes it an easy and interesting reading, in lucid and simple English. 

At the same time, it comprehensively covers all the required topics, explaining the concepts at length, and stimulates analytical thinking. The book seeks to encourage students to approach the subject with scientific logic and apply the learned concepts appropriately in the future during his/her professional career. In addition to the presentation and contents of this book as was submitted in the second edition, a number of meaningful additions/changes have been made in this edition, some of which are highlighted as follows:- 

  • All aspects of “Competence Based Curriculum for Indian Medical Graduate” directed by the Medical Council of India, have been duly and extensively include in the third edition of this book.
  • All national and international health and disease data, policies, and health guidelines have been fully revised and updated till July 2018
  • Report from ICMR and PHFI on “India : Health of the Nation’s States – 2017” has been included
  • Data from National Health Profile – 2018 has been included
  • National data regarding tuberculosis from the report of Central Tuberculosis Division – 2017 has been included.
  • All National Health Programmes have been updated till 2018
  • Health-related laws have been updated till 2018
  • New chapter on “Emergency & Critical Care in Community Health” has been added.
  • Chapter on Health Economics has been enlarged to include “Health Insurance” and “Ayushman Bharat” also.
  • Chapter on “Drugs and Pharmaceuticals” has been enlarged to include essentials of blood banking.
  • New Chapter on “Ethics, Spirituality and Communications in Health care” has been added.

The book is available with all leading book-sellers, and at Amazon, for which the under-mentioned link is to be followed:-